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Our values

The Hottest Brand in Town

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We are warm

We’re a bunch of really warm but very chill human beings. We put people first because we’re growing this company together.

We want everyone to feel safe and
seen. To feel free and to have a bit of fun. That’s why there are no stupid
questions at Stoov. And because we
thrive on feedback, mistakes are
called lessons, and they make us
smarter, and help us grow.

We love our planet and do what we
do responsibly.

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We bring it

Warming the hearts and homes of
people across the planet calls for a big and bold mindset. And we are
certainly in it to win it.

We don’t waste time on politics. Good ideas are realised quickly. And our agility helps us adapt and expand efficiently, while staying mindful of our environmental impact.

We operate from a team spirit,
ensuring that there is always enough
room for the me within the we. We
work, fail, and celebrate as one.

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We flip it

We’re a ‘what if’ kind of company.
Because challenging the way things
are is the first step in changing them
for the better.

What if instead of warming the
planet, we just warm people? What if
instead of moving closer to the
heater, we create a source of warmth that we can take with us wherever we go? How can we look at things upside down, and turn them around while keeping our feet firmly on the ground?

How can we question everything,
challenge the norm and go places
others thought were impossible to
reach? Simple, by flipping it.

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Our team

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